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Screen acting and stage acting have very little in common, but many who want to enter the word of screen acting for film and TV find only training available for stage acting.

A few years back a group of clubs were established in the UK to allow all who wanted to become involved in a TV Drama production, this developed into 3 productions and involved several hundred people, in writing, producing, filming, directing and of course acting. Weekend, a week long and longer courses were also provide for members at no cost beyond their normal subscription, and later a larger intensive project allowed a small number to concentrate full time on becoming screen actors, at no cost at all to them. At the same time, sponsored by an extras agency, a day long course was put on in a vast number of halls and theatres across the whole of the UK, allowing over 8,000 more people to get some experience and those who wanted to get minor roles in TV productions.

This site and the projects explained are by the same people who organized all of this and based upon the experience gained.

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