Recruiting Members


Recruiting members for the mark two version

We are not going to run any auditions at all, but further expand the agreement used on the mark one version to better explain the full project. People will then decide if they wish to join or not.

We will run a two week induction course, for which there will be a charge to cover costs. This will not select people on acting skills but help those who don't have the commitment or will not be happy to take part of the longer term to discover this rater than start and then drop out.  Later some of the rising starts will take part in these inductions so as to allow people far more direct contact with the project ahead of joining it.

When the group is assembled, a baseline filming session will be run, similar to the mark one auditions, and from this development and improved performance can be measured.

We will assume no acting experience or skills and start from a blank canvas approach.

There will be no selection process, it will rely on self selection, places going to the first people to sign up.

Replacement places will become available if/when people drop out, or have develop sufficient skill to be away on assignments and be then based in production areas. We will maintain waiting list of a few people and beyond this people will need to keep an eye on the web site for announcements of new places coming up.


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