The mark 2 versions will be different in a number of ways

  • We will have a minimum age of 18, to try to cut down the drop out rate.

  • We will have some form of short induction to complete ahead of being accepted for the project, probably 2 weeks long, again to chop out those who would drop out at an early stage. This will most likely form an activity holiday, but with more work than recreation.

  • We are not going to pay for everything; there will be an entry cost not returnable if people drop out.

  • Groups will be mixed, before we alternated male and female groups.

  • The agency to manage the Rising Stars will be owned except for 25% (our stake) by those who complete the course and managed by them when they are not on assignment. Those in training will be involved in their agency; it will not place other actors.

  • They will be in centres completely separate from us from day one, most training and instruction will be done either by internet link or by video. There will be more work by them and less by us.

  • Each unit has to be a self-sufficient community 

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