So how is the new project different

Rising Stars mark 2 will be different, actors will have to make more commitment, and will also get to own  between them 75% of the agency that manages them.

They also have to take far more responsibility not only for themselves but as a member of a community dedicated to developing each others skills.

To start they will also need to have a period of total break from friends, and others, no mobiles, limited contact and total concentration on becoming a screen actor. They may even spend the first part in a another country and culture.

We are also going to put a normal minimum age of 18, although we may in exceptional cases look at some under this, and screen people more carefully to see that they are mature enough to take on a commitments of this type. It may be that we will ask them to attend a two week induction event ahead to be able to see how committed they are, and of they really have the commitment it takes.



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