Limited commitment of participants,

The problem the project encountered was limited commitment by those who took it up. 

The single largest problem was missing friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, mums etc, but they were still in contact, and could see occasionally. 

As there was no cost to them for tuition, accommodation, food or to cover any of the activities, they had no financial stake.

Although each understood what they were to take on, they like most people are conditioned to the concept of a little work and a lot of time off. They did not fully appreciate that they were expected to commit all of their activity for a short time to this, and socializing, dating, holidays..... were not a part of the plan.

There was also a tendency when there acting skills became better than some existing screen stars, for them to feel they should be going for auditions when the director of the project wanted to give them more skills and make them a top star.


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