The cost


So what is the price of this

The price is Nearly FREE

So what do we mean by nearly free.

We don't want you to pay us anything at all, but we want you to do two things, 

  • Firstly to give some of your time to help others in some way, perhaps in creating information to help or helping out somewhere.
  • Secondly if you make a lot of money one day as a result of this, we want you to give 10% of what you earn as a screen actor to good causes. 

We will rely on your honesty  to actually do what you undertake and will not be checking up on you at all.

So how could you help others now.

If you have a local volunteers bureau talk to them, or ask at your local library, they tend to know who is best to contact locally. If you wish to volunteer to help out on internet projects then go to there is a section that will show you a range of needs that you could help with. Why not take a look at this now.


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