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This book/site is designed to be used in a number of ways

  • Using the panel on the left, giving a direct entry to sections  - if the panel is not visible click here to restart book. The panel may also on some occasions bring up replacement panels for example, a  page number index, offering other choices. The left panel can be resized by you.

  • Using the forward and backwards buttons to move through the book in either direction, the first 25 pages may have a slightly different graphic, but all pages operate in the same way.

  • Using the contents page, which is also available to those with browsers that cannot support frames. It is also possible to use with the contents and buttons without having the left hand panel visible, click here if you want to run this book without the left panel. The contents then becomes a main window and a new window is opened when you make a choice, closing that window returns you to the contents.

  • An option may be available for the whole book to be downloaded to your own computer and can be read then using your normal browser, just click on the index.htm file to run from explorer, or using 'my computer' within windows.

If you want to produce books yourself using this format please see the kit available from  It is designed to be able to be used by people with no development or programming skills 

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